Replace damaged or missing bins

If your bins are damaged or missing you can request for them to be replaced.

If you already have a recycling bin but want to apply for a bigger or additional bin, you can request this. You can also request to downsize your bin.

We will only collect one general rubbish wheeled bin per household, additional bins will not be delivered, unless it has been authorised for the household.

Requesting a replacement bin

This form cannot be used to replace useable bins that appear dirty or smelly, please wash them and continue to use them.

It is expensive to deliver bins, and the delivery will be abandoned if there is already a usable bin in place. 

This form cannot be used for rubbish containers used at commercial premises, schools, churches and community groups.

Type of bins you can request:

  • general rubbish wheeled bin - small 140-litre or family bin 180-litre sizes*
  • recycling blue lidded wheeled bin for paper and card - small 140-litre, family 180-litre or large 240-litre sizes
  • recycling white lidded wheeled bin for plastics, cans and glass - small 140-litre, family 180-litre or large 240-litre sizes
  • recycling food box (fox resistant)
  • kitchen caddy

* Please note that 240-litre bins are not available for general rubbish unless it has been authorised for the household. 70 to 80% of household rubbish produced is recyclable, so a 180-litre is large enough as long as all recycling bins are being used as fully as possible.

It costs nearly £120 to dispose of rubbish in the general rubbish non-recyclable waste bin whereas waste put into the recycling bins can be cost neutral or provide an income which pays back into the service.

Overall bin dimensions
Bin size
(Litre capacity)
140 1065 to 1085 475 to 485 535 to 545
180 1065 to 1085 475 to 485 707 to 723
240 1065 to 1085 575 to 585 707 to 723

Request a replacement bin or bin removal

You can also apply to have bins collected that are no longer required. 

Garden waste bins

There is a charge for using our garden waste service. Find out more and sign up for garden waste collection

Recycling bags (clear sacks)

For those properties that use recycling bags, we will deliver the bags every 6 months. If you need more request them on the replacement waste containers form.