Why your rubbish wasn't collected

Sometimes we won’t empty your bin because it was put out too late or it contains things it shouldn’t (like garden clippings in your food waste box), which means the recycling centre can’t process it.

If you’re not sure, check what goes in each bin.

bins will over spill

Our collection teams will put a red tag on your bin if:

  • you put the wrong kind of waste in it 
  • it was overflowing and the lid wasn’t properly shut
  • it was too heavy for anyone to lift safely
  • it’s a charged service (like garden waste) and you haven’t paid yet

The red tag attached to your bin will look like this:

red tagged bin label

Rubbish won't be collected if:

  • the recycling bins weren’t given to you by London Borough of Bexley
  • extra bins, bags and boxes are placed near or on your bin
  • bins are put out after 6am
  • bins were contaminated
  • bins are damaged

If you’re sure none of this applies and you think your bins were missed, report a missed collection.

What to do with rubbish that wasn’t collected

If your rubbish wasn’t collected because of a problem or was red-tagged, you can:

  • sort out the problem and store the rubbish until your next collection
  • take it to a recycling centre for free
  • pay £24.90 for a one-off extra collection of up to 6 bags or one wheeled bin worth of rubbish - this option is for contaminated recycling wheeled bins, non-recyclable rubbish bins that were not out in time for collection and excess side waste. A limit of five extra collections of wheeled bins per year. Card payments only. 

If you want to pay for an extra collection, call us on 020 8303 7777.

If your bin is damaged and is now not suitable for collection, you can order a replacement bin.