Report a problem with waste collection

Service status | there are currently delays to the garden waste collection service, due to operational challenges. We are working with our collection contractor, Countrystyle, to resolve this issue.

Please continue to leave your garden waste bin out for collection, we will get to you as soon as we can.

We are sorry for the delay in this service.

If you think we’ve missed a collection, you can report that here. We’ll need a bit of information from you, like where you live.

 Firstly, have you checked your collection day?

Remember, we can’t collect your rubbish if:

  • you didn’t put it out in the right place by 6.00am
  • you put out the wrong colour bin
  • you put the wrong type of rubbish or recycling in it 

If you’ve put something in the wrong bin, we’ll put a red tag on it and will empty it next time if you’ve sorted the problem.

Report a missed collection