What goes in large communal recycling bins?

If you’re in a block of flats, you’ll probably have large colour-coded bins.

You can also get a small kitchen caddy for food waste.

The bins are:

  • blue for clean, dry paper and cardboard
  • green and silver for glass bottles and jars, plastic packaging, cartons and cans

Blue recycling bins

blue large communal recycling bins

We'll collect:

  • newspapers and magazines
  • letters, envelopes and junk mail (whole or shredded)
  • cereal boxes and other dry food and medicine packaging
  • paper bags
  • cardboard boxes

We will not collect:

  • food or drink cartons
  • plastics (including bags), glass or foil
  • foam cups, or used paper cups, plates and straws
  • foil/glittery wrapping paper or gift bags

Green and silver recycling bins

green and silver  large communal recycling bins

We'll collect:

  • bottles
  • glass jars (with the lids removed)
  • plastic food containers like yogurt pots, spread tubs and meat, fruit or ready meal trays
  • food and drink cartons and cans
  • plastic tubs or metal tins from sweets and cakes
  • foil

We will not collect:

  • mirrors or sheet glass (see dangerous waste)
  • lightbulbs
  • glass cookware (like Pyrex) or drinking glasses
  • pet food pouches
  • polystyrene
  • other household plastics like plant pots or plastic bags
  • nappies

Putting these in with your other recycling makes it more difficult and expensive for us to sort and could mean that we don’t collect your recycling.

Bexley factsheet guide to recycling

Fact sheet guide to recycling

We have put together a handy download and keep "What to recycle" fact sheet.

Download fact sheet