What goes in my food waste box?

You get two bins for food waste: one big box we collect every week, and one small kitchen caddy for you to use in the house.

Use a starch bag to line the caddy or, you can try old newspaper or paper bags but do not use plastic bags. You can buy starch bags at supermarkets.

Food waste box

We’ll collect:

  • food scraps including eggshells
  • cooked or raw meat and fish, including bones
  • bread, rice and pasta
  • teabags and coffee grounds
  • fruit and vegetables
  • compostable packaging

We will not collect:

  • garden waste
  • plastic packaging
Food waste box
Bexley factsheet guide to recycling

Fact sheet guide to recycling

We have put together a handy download and keep "What to recycle" fact sheet.

Download fact sheet