Cemetery car parking

Car parking at Bexley cemeteries is limited and the only cemetery with an official car park is Hillview cemetery and visitors are welcome to park in the car park at Hillview and walk to the grave they are visiting.

Other parking, including access beyond the barrier at both Hillview and Sidcup cemeteries is restricted to permit holders only and a key will be issued once the permit has been approved.

Erith cemetery has no restrictions in place as there are large pathways within the cemetery.

When vehicle permits and keys are issued there are strict terms and conditions to be adhered to:

  • permits must be visible (displayed on windscreen ) when in use
  • permits no longer have an expiry date (when reissued from June 2023), if the permit holder’s situation changes and the permit is no longer required please inform the cemeteries office
  • the permit is only valid when the permit holder is attending the cemetery and may not be passed onto other persons who are unauthorised to access the cemetery beyond the vehicle gate barrier
  • the vehicle barrier must be locked immediately after access in and on exiting
  • vehicle access beyond the vehicle gate barrier is not permitted when a funeral is taking place
  • all keys (applicable for Hillview and Sidcup only) are assigned to the permit holder only and must not be passed onto other visitors
  • only one key is permitted per permit holder, and these are issued upon payment of a £5
  • if the original key is misplaced a subsequent key may be issued upon payment of £75
  • keys under no circumstances are to be duplicated
  • the vehicle barrier keys remain the property of Bexley Council and their return may be requested by the Council if permit conditions are proven to have been breached

Apply for a parking permit