Bexleyheath Cemetery


Banks Lane

Bexleyheath Cemetery was opened in 1879.


It is not possible to purchase new graves for burials but there is the Lodge Garden of remembrance and the Memorial Garden suitable for burial of cremated remains.

Remembrance plots and burial of cremated remains

Lodge Garden of Remembrance

  • suitable for up to two sets of cremated remains
  • remains interred in a numbered plot
  • black vase with gold writing on the surface of the plot

The Memorial Garden

  • suitable for the burial of up to four sets of created remains
  • 30, 50 or 75 year lease for the plot with the option to renew the lease on expiry
  • sloping desk ledger tablets with a book consisting of black, white or red granite

Memorial plaques

  • engraved plaques or flower vases placed on the perimeter wall
  • leased for 10 years
  • plaques also available on the planter in the centre of the Lodge Garden of Remembrance

Opening times

  • winter (October to March) 9am to 4pm
  • summer (April to September) 9am to 6pm

The cemeteries are manned Monday to Friday, except bank holidays.

For all enquiries and further information telephone the Cemeteries Office 020 3045 4100 or email

Bexleyheath Cemetery Memorial Garden code of practice


The lease period for the graves will be 30, 50 or 75 years. There can be no purchase in reserve of these graves and it will not be possible to have a choice of grave. Each grave will be allocated and numbered sequentially by the Council.


Cremated remains (ashes)

All cremated remains (ashes) must be buried/interred in a container of biodegradable material as there is no provision for the scattering of ashes.

Floral tributes

Wall-mounted vases for cut flowers will be supplied by the Council free of charge and will be available for use in the designated commemorative plaque area. No pot plants will be allowed anywhere in the garden. No vases other than those included on or in the memorial will be permitted on the graves, example, no glass jars, china vases, tins or any other receptacles. No borders, including fending, ornaments, chimes or windmills, will be allowed or any other object that will detract from the general ambience of the garden. Cut flowers and wreaths will be permitted on the day of the interment but will be removed by the cemetery staff after approximately 15 working days.

Plants and shrubs

The Council will carry out the planting of all shrubs in the memorial garden. Any shrubs planted without the permission of the Council will be removed without consultation. Plants and shrubs may be offered as a donation but will be planted at the discretion of the Cemetery Superintendent. The Council and all the cemetery users would be grateful if all litter is placed in the receptacles provided.

Opening times

Opening times for the Memorial Garden are 9am to 4pm during winter (October to March) and 9am to 6pm during the summer (April to September).

Fees and charges

Please contact the Cemetery Office for a price list. The Cemeteries Office Civic Offices 2 Watling Street Bexleyheath DA6 7AT Telephone 020 3045 4100.