Hillview Cemetery


Wickham Street
DA16 3DA

Hillview Cemetery was opened in 1995.


The main part of the cemetery is for full-size graves suitable for up to two burials and six sets of cremated remains.

The Memorial Garden contains a range of underground burial chambers with a choice of memorials.

Burial of cremated remains

Sanctum vaults

  • the memorial garden comprises a series of small pre-cast vaults sunk into the ground
  • each can take two sets of cremated remains in caskets or other containers of a pre-set size
  • the vault is sealed with a flat marble stone, recessed to take an inscribed memorial tablet
  • a granite vase is fixed to the vault and is included in the overall costs
  • the graves and vaults are leased for a period of thirty years with the option to renew the lease on expiry

Shell Garden and Sundial

  • plots are suitable for up to two sets of cremated remains
  • a black granite vase purchased from the Council is placed on top of the grave

Opening times

  • winter (October to March) 9am to 4pm
  • summer (April to September) 9am to 6pm

The cemeteries are manned Monday to Friday, except bank holidays.

For all enquiries and further information telephone the Cemeteries Office 020 3045 4100 or emailĀ cemeteries@bexley.gov.uk.