You can make certain types of changes to your house without applying for planning permission, this is called permitted development. To find out if your proposed building work will need planning permission, use the Planning Portal’s interactive guide.

Permitted development isn’t just limited to residential dwellings; for other forms of permitted development, including industrial buildings, shops and advertisements use the Planning Portal’s Common projects.

Pre-planning advice

The London Borough of Bexley welcomes and encourages pre-application discussion before a planning application is submitted. Application advice is offered for all types of development; from smaller householder projects, to major developments.

Always check that your property does not have any other restrictions. These may include:

Fees, forms and further guidance

Planning Guide

Our Planning Guide provides guidance for everyone who may become involved with the Planning process. 

It contains information about the different stages of the planning process, building regulations, planning enforcement and conservation as well as trees and hedgerows.

Also within the guide, you will find adverts for a range of services.

Bexley Design Advice Panel (BDAP)

For larger scale developments, Bexley has established the Bexley Design Advice Panel (BDAP) to support the borough in achieving its strategic objectives in regeneration, the renewal of its built environment and the enhancement of the quality of life of Bexley residents. More information is available at Bexley Design Advice Panel.