Full plans

A full plans application can be provided for all types of work:

  • for domestic work, two sets of plans must be provided with the application
  • for non-domestic work, three sets of plans must be provided with the application

Digital submissions only require a single upload of each document.

Key information generally required:

  • site location plan
  • floor plans
  • sections
  • elevations
  • construction specification
  • where applicable, structural calculations for steel beams or other structural elements

The plans submitted will be formally checked and a decision issued within five to eight weeks in respect of Building Regulation compliance. Where necessary, you can amend the plans after the initial check to ensure they fully meet the requirements of the Building Regulations.

If the plans are ‘Rejected’, you can resubmit amended plans to demonstrate compliance at no additional cost.

Full plans application fees are split into two parts in accordance with our fee scales (see fees and charges):

  • an application fee will be invoiced on submission of the application; this fee is 50% of the total application cost for the plan checking element
  • an inspection fee will be invoiced following the first inspection of works; the remaining 50% of the total application cost. This is a one-off payment regardless of how many inspections are made

All work must commence within three years of submission; otherwise, the application will be declared of no effect. If you wish to commence work after three years, you will need to resubmit your application.

Make a full plans application

Full plans application notes/checklist