High Risk Buildings

Recent changes in the building control legislation means that high-risk buildings (HRBs) need to be dealt with through the building safety regulator (BSR) rather than directly by the local authority building control department.

A high-risk building is defined as having at least 7 storeys or being at least 18 metres in height and either:

  • is a hospital or care home
  • has at least 2 residential units

If you’re proposing higher-risk building work, or work to an existing higher-risk building, visit the GOV.UK website to:

  • apply for building control approval
  • submit a notice of intention to start work or commencement
  • tell us that you have reached a certain point in your inspection schedule

Visit GOV.UK to apply for building control

The Local Authority may charge for any building control support provided to the Building Safety Regulator in this regard. The charge rate for the 2024/2025 financial year is £173.13 per hour.