Request parking enforcement

Vehicles parked on footways, verges, yellow lines, school restrictions, in front of dropped kerbs, can cause obstruction, congestion, inconvenience and even danger to pedestrians and other road users.

  • request parking enforcement
  • if you cannot complete an online form, call the contact centre on 020 3045 3000 and an agent will complete the form on your behalf. Alternatively, you can call 020 8301 6317 between 8.30am to 9.30pm (Monday to Saturday) and 10am to 5pm (Sundays) and an agent may be able to assist
  • we are unable to enforce parking contraventions on red routes; this is the responsibility of Transport for London

Registering your dropped kerb

If the dropped kerb/driveway outside your property is regularly obstructed by parked vehicles, register your address giving your authorisation for routine parking enforcement.

This will enable Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) to visit your address and issue penalties to any vehicles parked there.

It should be noted that enforcement will include all vehicles parked across the dropped kerb/driveway at the registered address, even those owned by the resident and/or their visitors.