Garden waste service for houses

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New subscribers

Our garden waste collection service is a subscription service and costs £38* per year for 12 months† = £1.52 per collection.

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How it works

  • you get a 240 litre garden recycling bin
  • bins are delivered to members within ten days after you sign up
  • your first collection will be within the next 10 working days on the same day but opposite week to your normal refuse collection
  • residents who have larger gardens may subscribe to multiple wheeled bins (up to four additional bins), payable at £35 each. Please note: all additional bins purchased will have the same renewal date as the original sign up
  • you can sign up online or over the phone via our contact centre
  • you can pay by a simple annual Direct Debit or Credit/Debit card payment 
  • Garden Waste Terms and Conditions - houses (PDF, 128KB)
*Current charges for first bin valid until 31 March 2020. †25 fortnightly collections per year as there is a suspension over Christmas and New Year.

Renewing your account

The Garden Waste Service needs to be renewed each year. The renewal payment must be on time or you risk your service being stopped and your bin removed. Shortly before your subscription is due to end you will receive a Direct Debit Confirmation letter or a renewal invoice - by email or post. This will be based on your existing year's subscription.


Renewing your account

Existing subscribers

Checking your membership subscription(s) and updating your account’s details is the best way to keep your account up-to-date.


Manage and update your account