Educating your child at home – Elective Home Education (EHE)

Bexley believes in the value of school-based education but respects the rights of parents and carers to elect to educate their children at home. We believe that every child and young person on Elective Home Education (EHE) should have the right to a balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum experience. We also believe that all children and young people on EHE should be encouraged to achieve their full potential so that they can take advantage of the opportunities offered to them in later life and become valued as responsible and equal members of society.

Parents must accept full responsibility for educating a child at home and this is set out in section seven of the Education Act 1996. This Act states that the parent of every child of compulsory school age must arrange for the child to receive a suitable full-time education.

We do not provide financial assistance, a curriculum, or tutors for children who are taken out of school by their parents.

Parents making this decision should inform the head teacher of the school their child attends in writing and the school will then inform us. If the child has never attended school, parents should inform us directly.

We have a duty to intervene if we have evidence that the education offered is not suitable. In order to make a decision on this basis, the Elective Home Education Officer will make a request to visit the family to view the education being offered. Many parents find this useful as the officer can offer advice and information in regard to education provision. Following the visit, a report will be written confirming that provision is suitable.

If you would like further information about educating at home, the following document, Elective Home Education Guidance for Parents (PDF, 118KB) will show you where to look for the more detailed information you will need.

What if the child has special educational needs?

For a child with a Statement of Special Educational Needs which names a special school, the situation is different and we must be consulted and give permission for education at home. Together with our SEN Department, we must also take responsibility for ensuring that the Statement/Education and Health Care Plan is reviewed once a year.