SEND Travel Assistance

Children/young people who fall into one of the following categories are required to re-apply for travel assistance if they continue to meet the eligibility criteria for the 2019/20 academic year:

  • moving from Nursery to Reception class
  • turning 8 years old, if affected by the change in eligibility criteria at this age
  • transferring from Primary to Secondary school
  • transferring from Secondary to Sixth Form or College (even if staying in the same school)
  • transfer to a Further Education College and being over 19 years of age
  • change of circumstances/needs e.g. moving home, changing School/College/destination address 

If your child/young person does not fall into one of these categories, continues to meet the eligibility criteria and you have not received a letter from the Travel Assistance Commissioning Team advising you to re-apply, the travel assistance offer will continue until there is either a change in circumstance or your child/young person falls into one of the categories above.

Changes to travel assistance 

The Council has introduced a contribution charge of £400 for students in Post 16 education placements and in receipt of Post 16 Travel Assistance for the start of the 2019/20 academic year. Those student’s changing course or where circumstances change that require a re-application will also need to pay the contribution charge.

Students who are already in a Post 16 education placement, in receipt of Travel Assistance and are continuing with the same course will not be required to pay the contribution charge. 

Payment of the charge can be:

  • one payment of £400 paid via credit/debit card or 
  • three termly instalments of £133.33 paid via credit/debit card or Direct Debit or
  • monthly payment of £36.36 paid via Direct Debit 

Once you are assessed we will write to you to request payment. Please ensure you do not make any payment prior to our request. 

Please note that (if eligible) travel arrangements will only be confirmed once payment has been received by the Council and failure to make payment as per the agreed payment plan will result in travel assistance being withdrawn.

Alternative and more cost-effective support may be available directly from schools, colleges and operators. 

Information on how to access this support can be found on the Bexley Local Offer website.

Do you qualify? 

Please consider the following before completing an application. The student:

  • is a resident in the London Borough of Bexley
  • is over 16 but under 19 as from 31 August 2018, (or in some cases 25 if they have complex learning difficulties and/or disabilities (LDD)
  • attends the nearest suitable education establishment for their chosen study programme 
  • is over 3 miles walking distance from their registered home address to their place of education
  • has special educational needs or disabilities, which limit their mobility or ability to use public transport and other means of travel
  • has explored other forms of travel assistance support and identified as unavailable/unsuitable
  • has exceptional circumstances relating to the student and family that need to be taken into consideration

Apply for Travel Assistance


Applications received before Midnight on Friday 31 May 2019 and assessed and awarded assistance with travel will be guaranteed to have travel arrangements in place for the start of the 2019/20 academic year. Any applications received after this date will not be guaranteed to have travel arrangements in place at the start of term. The Council will try to ensure arrangements are in place as soon as possible, however families may be required to make their own arrangements for an interim period while travel arrangements are finalised. 

Further information relating to the Council’s Travel Assistance offer is available on the Bexley Local Offer website or contact us:


Appealing Travel Assistance

To appeal against the type of travel assistance you have been offered by the local authority, you can use the form below.

Travel assistance appeal

Please complete this form if:

  • you disagree with the type of travel assistance offered by the Local Authority and wish for us to reconsider the offer
  • you have applied for travel assistance to school/college and have received a formal refusal letter or email and would like to appeal the decision and proceed to the stage one appeal process
  • you disagree with the stage one appeal decision you have received and would like to proceed to the stage two appeal process