Parking dispensations and suspensions

Parking dispensation – to park on single or double yellow lines

Apply for a parking dispensation which allows vehicles to park on single or double yellow lines in circumstances where the vehicle needs to be close to a specific location, for example; for carrying out works that require continuous access to a building for loading or unloading goods or materials. This will need to be specified during the application process.

Applications should be submitted at least one working day before the required start date. Details of costs will be provided on application, but are based on £20 per vehicle per day, £50 per vehicle per week and £100 per vehicle for two weeks.

Parking suspension – to park in a controlled/restricted parking bay temporarily

Apply for a parking bay suspension which means that the restriction in use for the bay would be temporarily suspended allowing you to park with the authorisation of the Council without the need to pay to park or hold a permit to park.

Temporary information signs will be placed to confirm the period of suspension and you will need to confirm the reason for the suspension request during the application process, for example, the suspension may be needed for building works to be carried out or for road works or for tradesman to park to carry out work on your property.

Parking bay suspensions can also be used for skips, however, you must have obtained a skip permit before submitting a suspension request otherwise your application will be refused.

Applications should be submitted at last three working days before the required start date. Details of costs will be provided on application, but are based on £30 per bay per day with a renewal option of £30, or £80 per bay per week with a renewal option of £80. An application can be for up to five bays for a maximum of 14 days.

All dispensation/suspension applications will be reviewed and you may be contacted separately to discuss your application or to revise or amend it.

Arrangements can also be made in some cases for funerals, blood transfusion service, health screening or for any other purpose. Complete an enquiry form at least three working days in advance.

The London Borough of Bexley cannot authorise dispensations or suspensions for red routes, you will need to apply to Transport for London.