Re-opening of Reuse & Recycling sites

Opening hours

Foots Cray - re-opens Wednesday 13 May

Opening hours - 7.30am to 4pm every day including weekends

Thames Road, Crayford – re-opens Monday 18 May

Residents with vans will not be able to use this site.

Opening hours - Weekdays: 3pm to 8pm* - Weekends: 7:30am to 4pm. 

*These hours will apply for the time being to ensure access for our waste and recycling collection crews and street cleaning teams.

There are likely to be long queues at both sites for the first weeks after they re-open.

Vans will not be accepted at either site. Trailers are also not accepted.

Considering a journey to the Reuse & Recycling sites

  • please use our door-to-door collections rather than travelling to the sites
  • if you do not already do so, please consider signing up for our paid garden waste service
  • please check which materials can be left at the sites before setting off. They are currently accepting only a limited range of materials
  • please do not visit the sites if you are unwell, as you should be following the 7-day self-isolation guidance, or if a member of your household is unwell and you should be following the 14-day stay at home guidance

Temporary operating arrangements at the sites

These are currently the only materials that may be left at the sites - 

  • garden waste
  • black bag waste
  • bulky waste – complete wooden furniture (not unassembled), mattresses and carpet
  • white goods and other large electrical equipment

You will need to show proof of your address, but please keep your car windows closed while it is checked. No out of Borough residents will be allowed in.

To control the number of vehicles accessing the sites at any one time, a traffic control system will operate based on odd and even number plates. It will work on a four-week rota and limit the potential for staff and the public to be exposed to the virus. Number plates ending with odd numbers (last number is one, three, five, seven or nine) will be allowed on odd dates, while number plates ending with even numbers (last number is zero, two, four, six or eight) – will be allowed on even dates.

Date Vehicle number plates
Friday 29 May Odd
Saturday 30 May Even
Sunday 31 May Odd
Monday 1 June Odd
Tuesday 2 June Even
Wednesday 3 June Odd
Thursday 4 June Even
Friday 5 June Odd
Saturday 6 June Even
Sunday 7 June Odd
Monday 8 June Even
Tuesday 9 June Odd
Wednesday 10 June Even
Thursday 11 June Odd
Friday 12 June Even
Saturday 13 June Odd
Sunday 14 June Even


The following will apply for an initial trial period at both centres –

  • to maintain social distancing and to enable quick progress around the site, the number of cars on the site at one time will be limited to 6 at Foots Cray and 3 at Thames Road
  • only one person will be allowed outside the vehicle unless a large item is being unloaded
  • staff will not be able to help you lift items
  • please be patient. You may have to queue before you are allowed entry. Please remember that there are limited parking spaces at the sites
  • on your return from the site, please remember not to touch your face and to wash your hands for 20 seconds

Other ways to deal with your waste responsibly

  • if you cannot store items at home, visiting the Reuse & Recycling sites is not your only option
  • consider making use of retailer take-back services or making your old items available for immediate re-use via on-line platforms such as Freecycle or Gumtree. Make sure you follow social distancing and related guidance and that it is safe for you to move the items in question
  • check the Reuse Network website to see if there are options available for small businesses or charities in your area to mend or repurpose your furniture and appliances. This may also be a good opportunity to repair, repurpose or re-use items such as old furniture or clothes yourself which you would usually throw away
  • if none of these options are available to you, you could use a private registered waste collection company, although there will be a cost if you do this. Remember, you have a duty to make sure you know where your waste is going and to ensure that the person collecting your waste is registered. You can do this by checking the Environment Agency’s website
  • please do not put things in your rubbish bin that you would normally recycle or take to the tip. All our household collection services are working normally, so there is no reason to put things in your rubbish bin that you would normally put in a recycling bin
  • please do not dispose of household waste in a way that could harm people’s health. This includes burning it - burning household waste is an offence and you could be prosecuted. Please make sure that you make full use of our waste collection services and follow local advice
  • don’t fly-tip or dump waste: it’s a crime. Leaving items on the street or in parks, woodlands and fields is fly-tipping. This is also a crime, and local authorities and the Environment Agency have a range of powers to tackle it, including fixed penalties of up to £400, or prosecution. Even if you mean well, leaving items outside charity shops, or next to full recycling bins, is still fly-tipping. You can report fly-tipping to us and find out more information at National Fly-Tipping Prevention Group.
  • head to the Recycle Now website for more information on recycling during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak