Harrow Manorway Highway and Public Realm improvements

The London Borough of Bexley is working with Peabody and the Royal Borough of Greenwich to help deliver this unique opportunity for improving the route between the Abbey Wood flyover and Eastern Way.

The scheme which is funded through the Peabody Housing Zone programme of investment will allow for future growth while providing improved transport arrangements such as:

  • widened carriageway with separate bus lane
  • improved pedestrian facilities
  • segregated cycle lane
  • 20mph speed limit over part of the route

Public Realm improvements would come from:

  • boulevard layout by means of a solid central median strip
  • planting (trees, shrubs, and grasses) throughout the route
  • 'character areas' provided by landscaping to break up the route by type of use
  • public space areas and street furniture

The scheme is seen as an extension of the Public Realm and improved transport links being delivered as part of the Abbey Wood Station Public Realm improvements.

Visit yourabbeywood to see further details (information and plans) on this and other projects in progress in the South Thamesmead and Abbey Wood area by the Council and other organisations.