Who can foster?

There is no ‘perfect’ person that we look for to join our fostering family here at Bexley. Many children in care lack the positive family experience that most children have, but all it takes is one foster carer to make a big difference in their lives.

We are interested in what you have to offer a child, rather than your marital status, ethnicity, sexuality, religious belief or whether you own a house or not. Having a pet will not prevent you from becoming a foster carer either.

There are many misconceptions that prevent people from becoming foster carers. The truth is, the uniqueness of each of our foster carers is important along with the passion to care for a child or young person who needs it. Because every child in our care is as unique as you are, and all have different needs, every foster child requires people with different skills, abilities and experiences.

You do not need any formal qualifications to become a foster carer. You will receive all the necessary training to build upon the skills you already have to foster with us.

The people who tend to be the most effective foster carers often share similar personal qualities.

Fostering in Bexley

Such as:

  • Resilience - an ability to commit to a child living with you
  • Patience - to see things through and accept that change happens slowly
  • Good humour - take all kinds of situations in your stride
  • Creativity - good with ideas, and solutions to problems
  • Desire to learn - by acting on feedback and participating in training courses
  • Teamworking - playing a full role as part of the team around the child
  • Attention to detail – a good communicator who remembers the small stuff
  • Flexibility - is willing to attend meetings and appointments at irregular times
  • Adaptable - is comfortable with the unpredictable nature of fostering
  • Acceptance - can offer care while being non-judgmental