Photo showing foster carers at the black hair and skin care workshop
The fostering team held a training workshop for foster carers and children

Bexley Fostering organized a training workshop on 15 February 2024, to help foster carers and children in care acquire the skills and information needed to properly care for African descent children's skin and hair.

Experienced and qualified foster carers offered tips and suggestions for hairstyles, safe hair and skin care procedures and a list of hair and skin care products. Foster carers of African and Asian descent provided live demonstrations to other foster carers, showing them how to maintain children’s hair and create homemade, organic skin care products. We observed interaction between foster carers from diverse backgrounds to share knowledge and get their questions answered.

Bespoke training events such as these aim to assist foster carers in providing a healthy lifestyle, establishing a sense of identity, and preserving a child's cultural heritage by teaching them how to properly take care of their skin and hair.