Photo of young people enjoying an easter egg hunt
The Bexley fostering team and foster carers organised a Fostering Easter Egg Hunt

The Bexley fostering team and foster carers organised the Fostering Easter Egg Hunt, which brought together children and young people in care from different backgrounds for an exciting day of fun-filled activities.

Children and young people in care came for a day full of surprises and delight, and the Lesnes Abbey Woods resounded with laughter and enthusiasm. The day began with an exciting adventure as the children embarked on a trail through the picturesque Lesnes Abbey Woods.

Amidst the lush greenery, our young adventurers eagerly searched for the colourful easter eggs including an elusive golden egg. Their determination and enthusiasm were truly inspiring as they combed through every corner, hoping to uncover the prizes.

After an afternoon of exploration and adventure, the children gathered for delicious snacks, where they shared stories and laughter with newfound friends. Fuelled by creativity and imagination, our young artists unleashed their talents by painting the rocks. With paintbrushes in hand, they transformed common rocks into colourful pieces of art, each one a reflection of their own spirits and personalities.

The Fostering Easter Egg Hunt was more than just a day of fun – it was a celebration of community spirit and inclusivity.