As a Bexley foster carer, we will provide you with a wide variety of training packages to help you to support children and young people we place into your care.

Training is provided through a mix of an online course and in-person sessions.

Fosterer learning space at home

Total Respect

This bespoke training has been developed by the Positive Journey’s team within Bexley and is delivered by young people who are care experienced. The aims of this course are to Inspire your thoughts, whilst keeping the young people we care for in mind. It provides the opportunity to view the care system through the lens of a looked after child.


KEEP is a 16-week support group that delves into managing challenging behaviour in teenagers. The course provides tools and a reflective, supportive setting to help carers think about how they navigate the children in their care.

I found the KEEP program to be very supportive and I liked bonding with other carers as part of a group. It was a good way of recapping my knowledge from previous training and it was good to be able to have a healthy debate. We should all be practicing KEEP."

Tracy, Foster Carer 

Child Development

From 0 to 18, children change and develop not only physically, but mentally, socially, and emotionally. Learn about each stage of childhood and early adolescence as well as the impact that trauma has on early years development.

Managing Allegations

This mandatory training highlights the importance of keeping up to date with legislation regarding fostering and dives into the purpose of keeping accurate and professional foster carer logs. This training also acknowledges the difficulties that foster carers face when an allegation has been made and makes carers aware of what support is available to them in this situation.

Behaviour Management Level 1

A crucial part of fostering is knowing how to manage challenging behaviour appropriately and effectively. At Bexley, we offer this course to upskill carers on how to manage children with additional emotional and complex needs.

Signs of Safety

Bexley is a Signs of Safety Borough. Learn about how we use the Signs of Safety practice framework to better support the children in our care.

Paediatric First Aid

Paediatric First Aid is a Level 3 accredited course, that is delivered over 2 days and is mandatory for all of our carers. The qualification lasts for 3 years and allows you to enact appropriate first aid to the children in your care with confidence.

The course covers CPR, Defib (AED) Childhood illnesses, Epilepsy, Auto-injectors and more.

Social Media & Online Safety

An immersive and informative workshop, designed to build your confidence with the virtual world. Within this training carers can develop their knowledge on what social media platforms young people use, as well as how to manage the risks associated with social media.

Skills to Foster

Skills to Foster is a bespoke 3-day training course developed by the Fostering Network which is designed to assist new, prospective carers understand the role of a foster carer. Throughout these 3 days, you will develop insight into why children come into care, the challenges that children face and how to best support them. Along the way, you will meet various team members of Bexley’s Fostering service and meet other people who are also considering becoming foster carers with Bexley.


There have been sleepless nights but there has always been the support and friendly advice at the end of the phone. I have received an incredible amount of support.” Foster carer Freda