What is Host and Support?

Host and Support providers offer young people aged 16 to 21 accommodation who are in Local Authority Care.

They provide a bedroom in their home, along with a level of support, to help young people to develop the confidence and the skills they need to live independently. Providers take on the role of a "mentor" with the young person that lives with them, they are not a surrogate parent, or a landlord.

Providers are allocated a supervising social worker and given generous payment, training opportunities, networking support and more. This is a flexible role that you can do alongside your job.

Host and Support story

Derek has been a Host and Support provider for over 15 years while working alongside his full-time job. Derek spoke about his experience of being a part of the Host and Support scheme:


What I provide as a Host and Support provider is a stable place to live, I make sure their welfare needs are being met, and they feel confident to function on their own.

Every young person I work with has always been different. The level of support that I give changes. I could be helping them learn how to budget, cook or clean.

It’s more than just teaching key life skills as I also befriend the young person who lives with me, and I try to build their confidence and make sure they are okay.

When I’m at home, I always think of their emotional wellbeing. If I notice that their mood has changed or dipped, I will ask how they are, and if they indicate they’re not too good, I will ask if they want to talk about their issues and normally, they do.

I feel it’s important that the young person is always able to engage meaningfully with me as well as being able to confide in me if they need to. I feel a great sense of satisfaction when I know that I have done something that will make a positive impact on their life, and that’s all I want.

If you have a spare room and can offer a bit of support by spending some quality time teaching young people how to maximise their independent living and life skills, then I would urge you to consider it as there is always a fantastic team to support you.”