Join Bexley fostering

We love to hear from experienced Foster Carers who want to join Bexley fostering. We value each and every one of our Foster Carers, their dedication helps children and young people in our care grow up in a much needed stable and loving environment. That is why Bexley is dedicated to providing a high level of care and support to our Foster Carers.

We are actively working towards placing all Bexley foster children with London Borough of Bexley’s Foster Carers. This is to ensure that all our resources go directly to supporting local children and young people within our community.

At Bexley, if a child or young person does come into our care, we will always look at the best possible placement with the Foster Carers we have. That is why our Foster Carers have consistent fostering placements. We are always searching for more incredible Foster Carers so that children and young people in our care have the best possible placements to help them develop in a loving and safe environment that is right for them.

Transferring from a fostering service is easy. The first step is to have a friendly, confidential discussion with our Fostering Team on 020 3045 4400 or:

Complete our online enquiry form

If you are happy with the initial conversation and want to find out more, we will arrange an initial visit from one of our Supervising Social Workers.

Once you decide that you want to make an application, we will need you to inform your agency of your intention. We will then request permission to speak to your agency and seek access to your Form F Assessment and records.

Our team will keep in contact with you to help guide and support you through the process as quickly as possible. The length of time it could take to do the whole process is approximately four to six months to complete.