Scaffold or hoarding licence

To erect a scaffold or hoarding on the public highway, you need a scaffold or hoarding licence and a highway protection license.

Regulations for a license

Before an application can be approved, an Officer contacts the applicant to arrange to meet on-site to discuss the placing of the scaffold or hoarding and to take measurements of the area of highway that is included within the confines of the work.

Scaffold hoarding conditions

Scaffolds and Hoardings on the Highway

If you wish to erect scaffolding and/or hoarding on any part of the highway, both a Scaffold/Hoarding Licence and a Highway Protection Licence are required from this Authority. No licence is normally necessary if scaffold/hoardings are placed on private land but notification must be given if vehicular access will be across a public footway, without a vehicle crossover.

A Scaffold/Hoarding Licence can be valid for any period between 1 day and 3 months. For longer periods, additional applications should be made.

A Highway Protection Licence is required to cover the Council against any possible damage to the highway within the confines of the scaffold/hoarding. The measurements of the area are determined at a joint site meeting and a deposit is required which is refundable upon removal of the scaffold/hoarding, providing no damage has occurred. The cost of any reinstatement of the highway which is necessary as a result of the carrying out of the works or the erection of the scaffold/hoarding, fences, temporary footways or other protective works will be taken from the Highway Protection Licence deposit.

Minimum headroom of 2.1 metres must be maintained at all times for the passage of pedestrians. Overhead protection must be provided to prevent against falling objects. Supports must not be placed on any manhole or access cover. No part of a scaffold is to be placed within 450 millimetres of the kerb line.

Temporary pedestrian ways should never be less than 1 metre in width. If the temporary footway is in the carriageway, the approaches should be guarded and signed. Rigid pedestrian barriers that are with hand and tapping rails should be used to mark the temporary footway, with kerb ramps where necessary.

All vertical members of the scaffold/hoarding should be painted in white bands up to at least eye level. At night, in poor daytime visibility and bad weather, lamps are required at 3-metre centres along the frontage and at ends of the structures.

If this authority’s contractors are called out to lamp the scaffold/hoarding or to make it safe, there will be a charge.

As the persons carrying out the works referred to will be liable for all injury or damage arising therefrom or from the presence of the scaffold/hoarding, fences, temporary footways or other protective works whether on the highway or not, you are required to have adequate insurance cover in respect of any claims.

The attention of all persons erecting scaffold/hoarding is drawn to their responsibility if they cause damage or obstruct of Statutory Utilities plant and equipment, whether below or above ground.

Your attention is drawn to the provisions of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 1994 and the Construction (Health Safety & Welfare) Regulation 1996 which apply to construction work including the erect of scaffold/hoarding. Further information on these regulations can be obtained from HSE Books telephone 0178 881165 and the Health & Safety Executive, London South Area, 1 Long Lane, London SE1 4PG telephone 020 7556 2100.

The Construction Certificate issued by the erector must be displayed on site in a prominent position together with the relevant liability insurance certificate on completion of the erection of the scaffold or hoarding prior to commencement of the works.

For further information regarding licensing requirements please telephone 020 3045 4612.

The application evaluation process

Licenses can be valid for any period between one day and three months. For longer periods, or to extend your license after 3 months an additional payment of £119 per month is required.

Highway Protection License

To ensure that the London Borough of Bexley is covered against any possible damage to the highway, a highway protection license will be necessary.

A licence fee and deposit are payable prior to the siting of the scaffold and hoarding and is refundable upon removal of the scaffold or hoarding providing no damage has been caused to the highway.

At the site meeting, if a scaffold or hoarding license is to be issued, the charges set out on the application form and handed to the applicant. Following the site meeting, the applicant should contact the Highway Enforcement team to discuss payment and issue of the licenses.

Cost of a license

Licence fee £112

Highway Protection Licence £544

Total £656 for a 3 month period

A refundable deposit will be required in addition to the above and is based on square meterage used and returned if the Council agree that no damage has been caused to the public highway.

Applying for a license

Use the following form to arrange a site meeting Application to erect a scaffold or hoarding on the highway (PDF) or email