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Bexley Council offers cash to help upskill staff in local SMEs
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The London Borough of Bexley has introduced the Talking Business Training Grants programme to assist local small and medium businesses. This initiative, funded by the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, aims to help overcome a barrier to growth for local enterprises, providing them with an opportunity to upskill their workforce and stay competitive.

The programme offers grants of up to £500 per company, giving SMEs based in Bexley the flexibility to choose courses that align with their specific needs and goals. It means that an eligible business can spend up to £1000 on training and accreditation and have at least half of these costs met through the grant. This financial support is a significant boost for businesses looking to invest in the learning and development of existing and new staff.

To access the grants, eligible enterprises need to identify a suitable training course that will contribute to their growth or enhance the skills of their staff. Grants are available to cover the costs of a wide range of training, whether it is on first aid, digital marketing, forklift truck driving or management skills, as long as it is relevant to the business. The grants are, therefore, versatile and adaptable to business needs.

The application process is straightforward. Once the enterprise identifies the desired course, they complete a short application form outlining the course details, the training provider, and costs. The London Borough of Bexley reviews the application and, upon approval, commits to covering the full course costs up to £200. For courses with costs exceeding £200, the borough will cover half of the expenses up to £500 - ensuring that the financial burden on the businesses is significantly reduced.

Upon approval of the application, the enterprise is required to pay the course fees upfront. Subsequently, they provide confirmation of payment the London Borough of Bexley will then promptly reimburse the agreed-upon costs.

SMEs can access valuable training without worrying about financial strain, ultimately enhancing their competitiveness and contributing to the economic vitality of the borough. Simultaneously, the Borough fosters a skilled and adaptable workforce, creating a positive cycle of growth and development. The Talking Business Training Grants are a golden opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses in the London Borough of Bexley to invest in their most valuable asset - their people.

If you are an SME based in Bexley and would like to apply for a Talking Business Training Grant, please apply for a training grant for your business.

For information about the grant or other support available through the Talking Business programme, please contact us via