A to Z of things to do when job searching

A Apply yourself with confidence
B Be prepared for your interview
C Customise your CV and covering letters
D Discuss your application with someone that can help
E Expand your job search to explore a wider range of opportunities
F Follow up after your interview to get feedback
G Get noticed on social media but be professional
H Hold copies of your applications as you may need to refer to them
I Identify examples of your skills
J Justify any gaps in employment
K Know and understand what type of job you are looking for
L Learn new skills and add them to your CV
M Move quickly on sending your application
N Network regularly if you can
O Offer to complete a work trial
P Plan your journey for the interview
Q Questions – ask the employer relevant questions after your interview
R Research companies before an interview
S Schedule deadlines and interview dates so you don’t miss them
T Test your own skills if you can
U Understand and use all job search resources
V Visit the employer venue prior to the interview
W Wear something smart to your interview
X X-cell yourself!
Y You are great – just let them know that!
Z Zoom, Teams? Get to grips with online interviews
improve your employability skills

Not sure of anything?

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