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Read some wonderful feedback we received regarding one of our client advisors

The Work and Health Programme Job Entry: Targeted Support (JETS) service helps individuals in London who’ve worked in industries heavily impacted by the pandemic to upskill and empower them to seek sustainable employment in growing sectors.

Dean Price spoke briefly about his time on the scheme and how his advisor, Hannah, helped him to secure employment.

He said:

The Jets Programme got off to a bit of a poor start for me, but Hannah got hold of my job search and took complete, professional control.

"She has gone above and beyond her job description and is a real credit to the Jets Programme. If I started a company up Hannah would be the first to employ."

Once Dean gained an interview, Hannah provided him with various interview skills. Also, as part of the programme, Hannah was able to provide Dean with travel money, so that he was able to get to his interview.

As a result, Dean has received 2 different job offers.

He concluded:

Thank you for a great program that has got me back to work."