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Tallisdom Healthcare Ltd, owned and operated by Thembi Senga has been trading since 2009

The business provides recruitment services, primarily finding staff for care homes and hospitals. The company also trains candidates to be fully compliant within the care industry.

In addition, the company provides recruitment services in IT, engineering and education. Tallisdom also offers a range of PPE products, which will soon be available via an online payment platform. 

The business has recently introduced E-Learning. Tallisdom has employed traditional methods to train health care professionals for many years and is now seeking to streamline the workflow, E-learning will be more cost-effective.

Our initial audit highlighted areas where we could add value and help to make improvements, primarily operational aspects and digital marketing for services and products. 

We have established an action plan to map out the processes to facilitate the improvements such as using online portals via the website. This also includes a digital marketing strategy to improve brand awareness and broaden their reach, attracting candidates and clients from new a market space.

 As Thembi had not utilised social media, we investigated various social channels and recommended having Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, which will help to create consistent messaging to a range of businesses within the sector and improve brand awareness to generate new business. 

By adding one key integration with their new social media presence, a facility for candidates to upload their CV or complete short questionnaires or applications online, for example, that part of the process can be streamlined. 

We carried out a brief SEO analysis and identified areas to improve search engine ranking. Thembi will attend our 2-day ‘Be Digital’ workshop in March to learn how to create a 3-month digital marketing strategy plan. 

The relationship is ongoing as we help to implement the new plan and we fully expect to broaden our support to include CRM and other operational aspects of the business.   

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