Publication of payments over £500

The London Borough of Bexley wishes to be both open and transparent in making available to the public details of its spending.

We, therefore, publish details of each item of expenditure of £500 showing net values (excluding VAT) together with details of all Government Procurement Card spend. Government Procurement Card spend is identified as “pcard” in the supplier column. From 1 April 2017 procurement card data will no longer be included in the monthly £500 spend data report. Procurement card data will instead be published quarterly on a cumulative basis.

The data is published in CSV format. Where a minus sign is shown before the transaction value this represents a credit note from the supplier.

Further guidance is available from GOV.UK and

Spend data from January 2021 reflects the organisational changes agreed by the General Purposes Committee July 2020

Open Government Licence

The London Borough of Bexley publishes this information under the Open Government Licence.

You are permitted to use and re-use the data obtained, however, it is recommended that you are familiar with the terms of the licence prior to use or re-use.

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Expenditure records (CSV files)