Special treatment licensing fees

The London Borough of Bexley has allocated the different types of special treatments caught by the Act into three categories, with those in ‘Category A’ carrying the most risk and complexity and those in ‘Category C’ the least. Fees have then been set having had regard to which category a special treatment type fall.

A further breakdown of the different special treatments within each category is provided in the Council’s guidance ‘A-Z of Special Treatments’. Please check if you are not sure what treatments your category are within.

The three categories each special treatment type has been allocated into
Treatment Category Risk
Light (includes laser), electric or other special treatment of a like kind, but not for example, electrolysis and tanning using UV light A High
Acupuncture, electrolysis, tattooing (which includes semi-permanent make-up, micropigmentation, microblading and chemical tattoo removal) and cosmetic piercing, but not ear piercing B Medium
Massage, manicure (includes false nails), chiropody, vapour, sauna or other baths, ear piercing and tanning using UV light C Low
Fees for the application types
Application type Premises Category Fee
Grant or Provisional Grant A £791
Grant or Provisional Grant B £631
Grant or Provisional Grant C £472
Renewal A £639
Renewal B £479
Renewal C £360
Transfer All £90
Variation (Full – not including the addition of activities/treatments) All £321
Variation – (Full – to add activities/treatments) A £640
Variation – (Full – to add activities/treatments) B £480
Variation – (Full – to add activities/treatments) C £321
Variation - Confirmation of Provisional Licence All £463
Variation - Change individual designated on a Licence as the ‘Premises Manager’ All £49
Variation - Add new practitioner(s) to provide treatment currently authorised on licence All

£52 - One practitioner

£32 - Each additional one included in the same application

Variation (Minor - to change hours for example) All £109
Change of details All £57
Duplicate licence All £27

General admin charge - for work on applications which cannot be resolved/made valid (to be deducted from any refund of application fee - where this exceeds the application fee then no refund shall be given) £46

Treatments in more than one category

If you are providing treatments that fall within more than one category, so for example, microblading that is category B and manicure that is category C, you will only pay the higher category fee, Therefore, in this example the fee payable is category B.

Reduced fee

Any premises providing a single ‘Category C’ treatment, where the provision of the treatment is ancillary to the main use of the premises, will qualify for a 50% reduction of the fee set out above in respect of an application for the:

  • grant or a provisional grant of a licence
  • renewal of an existing licence
  • variation – confirmation of Provisional Licence

No reduction will be given for other application types and does not apply to residential premises.


If an application is submitted, but for whatever reason the application is invalid/withdrawn there will be a general admin charge on all applications of £46.

In addition, any work carried out by the inspecting officer of the Council will be taken into account and therefore you should note that any application fee paid will only be refunded in part or you may even lose the full fee paid.

Note: Please ensure that you read all the available guidance notes, qualifications etc. before you make an application as you will not be entitled to a full refund.

Request for a reduced fee application form (PDF)