What Tradesman

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Businesses should read the scheme's Terms and Conditions below before signing up to the register. The scheme aims to help consumers find a reliable trader instead of being ripped off by rogue traders knocking at the door.

What Tradesman Terms and conditions

  1. Applicants agree to pay a non-refundable application fee - currently £100 plus VAT. This charge will include the costs incurred by the Trading Standards Team in carrying out pre-acceptance background checks and will represent the first year’s membership for successful applicants.
  2. Applicants agree to be the subject of pre-acceptance checks which will include address verification, County Court Judgements, insolvency records, consumer complaints databases, Companies House records, membership records of any relevant trade/professional bodies and any other licensing, approval or registration records that may be relevant.
  3. Participants agree to pay the annual membership charge (currently £100 plus VAT) and that failure to make this payment will result in termination of membership of the scheme.
  4. Applicants will provide the Service with full details of ownership of the business, its trading names, business premises and trade activities. These details are published on the website.
  5. The scheme is based only on feedback from customers. The Council and Siteon Ltd collate information received and express no opinion as to workmanship or the suitability of any particular business.
  6. The Council disclaims liability in relation to any inaccuracy in the information recorded or published in connection with the scheme.
  7. The What Tradesman Scheme is not an approval scheme and must not be advertised or promoted as such.
  8. The scheme does not allow participants to use the Bexley Council logo.
  9. The Council may remove or exclude from the scheme, either temporarily or permanently, any business found to be in breach of these terms and conditions or where there is evidence of unfair trading, non-compliance with relevant legislation or abuse of the scheme
  10. If in any way the actions of a member or their employee, impose a risk to the reputation of the authority, the Scheme or its partners, the Service reserves the right to terminate the membership of the business.
  11. Where a business is removed, leaves or is excluded from the scheme under these terms and conditions, any continued claim as to membership of the scheme either directly or indirectly will become a criminal offence punishable in law.
  12. Where a business is removed, leaves or is excluded from the scheme under these terms and conditions all advertising and promotional material containing any reference to the "What Tradesman" scheme, whether direct or indirect, must be removed forthwith.
  13. Where the business is subject to change in name, ownership or operational structure, Siteon Ltd must be notified in writing forthwith. Depending on the circumstances, entries relating to the original details may be amended or deleted at the Council's discretion.
  14. Only feedback on contracts completed after tradesmen have joined the scheme will be included.
  15. 1The scheme may include provisions for the rating of registered businesses and for these ratings to be published.
  16. The scheme, its terms and conditions and its web site may be amended or withdrawn at any time without prior notice at the council's discretion.