Contracts and tendering opportunities

Like all public bodies, Bexley must act in accordance with the requirements of the public procurement policy.

Our procurement procedures will vary depending on the type of service or product being purchased and its value.

The main requirement for public procurement is to achieve value for money, usually through competition between potential suppliers. We embed a number of key principles into our procurement practices including; equal treatment, proportionality and transparency.

Our contract procedure rules (which can be sent to you upon request)govern the way the Council procures and manages it’s contracts and are a part of the constitution.

Approved lists

The London Borough of Bexley maintains a number of lists of contractors that are approved to tender for construction-related projects that fall below the EU Public Works Contract Threshold. These pre-qualified lists ensure that firms employed by us to undertake works are suitably qualified to do so in terms of technical ability, financial stability, health and safety, equalities and diversity and environmental policies.

Please see the Procurement Guide - How To Tender (PDF) document.

The Bexley Contract Register

The Bexley Contract Register page is a schedule of term contracts and frameworks covering a wide range of services, providing information on the contracts themselves, contact names, start and expiry dates and approximate contract values.

Status of previously advertised contracts

The Status of Procurement Processes page has follow-up information on contracts that have been previously advertised on our website and our etendering portal. Find out what stage the tendering process has reached or who has been awarded the contract.

Contracts awarded following approved list tendering

The Status of Procurement Processes page has details of contracts that have recently been tendered using Bexley’s Approved List of Contractors.

Online tendering

The opportunities to tender for contracts are posted on the London Tenders Portal and may also be advertised in various publications such as:

  • The Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU)
  • The Trade Press
  • local newspapers

View current opportunities

Visit London Tenders Portal to view the electronic tendering portal that Bexley uses for its contract procurement activity.

Registration is totally free and once this is completed suppliers will be able to take part in tendering exercises with Bexley (and other London boroughs), receive email alerts when an opportunity arises in categories of interest and express interest in opportunities electronically. The sending and receiving of documentation, questions and answers and communicating will be done electronically via the system. It handles all aspects of the tender process including standard selection questionnaires, invitations to tender and request for quotes. Using the LTP which Bexley has joined, suppliers register, login, download the documents, complete them electronically, then upload and submit them using the system – no more postage or courier charges or concerns if documents have been received. We suggest that any suppliers interested in doing business with the Council take the time to register now as this is now our preferred method of advertising and managing tenders.

Visit CompeteFor London for a notice board for contracts across Councils in London.